1999 Serotta Rest in Peace

I got my bike from the Dougerty County Police on March 24, 2014, one week after I got hit. (pictures below) and talked to the first officer on the scene. Hearing from him what happen was really somber. I will pass this along and you may find this amusing. I always ride with a Niterider Solas on my helmet. When I was hit the Solas flipped off of my helmet and landed in the road and was bright enough to act as a warning flasher to let other cars slow down for the accident. The officer let it stay there until I was gone in the ambulance then he took my bike and other parts he could find to the in-pound yard. I would endorse this product as crash proof.

The officer went on to tell me that the motorist was defiantly not paying attention as he saw that I had on lots of flashers (three) plus my rain coat with a reflector stripe. Bottom line is that I have always said that if I got hit by a motorist it would not be because a motorist did not see me, it would be because they are not paying attention, they were drunk or they were sleep. These are sobering facts but it will not stop me from riding. I hope that these words encourage you to really be safe when cycling or when driving and tell other motorist to pay attention when behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

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  1. Erik on March 28, 2014 at 10:42 am

    The bike looks horrible. So glad you are pushing through this and anticipating getting back on the bike. Heal up!

  2. Alex Turner on March 29, 2014 at 9:04 am

    A sorry sight indeed. They don't come off well against cars. Glad you're doing good. Interested to see what new ride you get

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