Saturday Loop to Abbott’s Country Store for lunch

Lonnie Wormley

I had a wonderful ride this weekend with some close friends.  This was the first social ride with my new bike and the longest ride since my close encounter with a car last March.  The more miles I put on the road the better I feel.

I wanted to write about the the surprise conversation that I had with Mr. Abbott, the owner of Abbott’s Food Center.  Our small group of four cyclist and me pulled into the parking lot to have lunch.  I had just leaned my bike up against the trash can near the front door.  A man, whom I would later find out was Mr. Abbott, asked me if I was the cyclist that was hit a while back.  I told him that I was.  He told me he was glad to see that I was OK.  He told me that he use to watch me pass the store every day rain or shine.  He noticed when I changed my route from turning on Old Pretoria Road to taking Leary Road down to HWY 91.  He told me that he was inspired to see me riding everyday.

I mention this because I want to remember that I never know who is watching me. Cycling is really important to me.  I love cycling and I want everyone to be able to ride when ever or where ever they want to safely. Cycling is changing the way the world moves around this planet. As a cyclist I must always remember that I am being watched so I need to be on my best behavior.

I am looking forward to getting back to the routine of cycling to work again.  I will be riding by Abbott’s store tomorrow and I know he will be watching me pass.  I may occasionally stop and eat breakfast.

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