Seven Cycles 622 SLX at 838 miles

This is my bike.  I took my first ride on it 12/2/2014. To date I have 838.83 miles on the bike.  I did not ride a road bike from March 2014 until December 2014 due to a kiss with a car.

The more miles I put on this bike the more I like it.  This is the first bike I have owned with a compact crank and compact bars.  As with all seven Cycles, this is a custom bike.  I have toe torso of a man 5′ 3″ and the legs of a man 6′ 1″.  My last bike was a custom Serotta.

The improvements on this bike are the titanium lugs and chain stays and carbon tubing.  The bike is light and fast while absorbing road noise.  The bike has Shimano Ultegra components with disc brakes.  Front hub has a dynamo and wheels are Belgium.  I will get around to more component details later.

What I want to write about is how the bike is feeling on the road and how I am evolving as a cyclist.  when I was working with Matt Cole at Podium Multisport in Atlanta, GA on selecting a bike I told him that I wanted a bike that I could ride all day and night, but also a bike that I could ride with my local bike club.  This bike hits the mark, it is fast and comfortable on long rides.

The saddle is what has taken me almost 800 miles to get use to.  I have been riding on a Sell SMP Pro and at first I thought I was going to take it back before my 30 day trial.  I decided to keep it because I have been out of the saddle for almost nine months due to a kiss from a car.  Getting my butt in gear has caused me to change my riding style.  Having a bike that fits perfectly helps this process.  

While I was recovering from the accident I watch a lot of videos on YouTube on the Global Cycling Network.  I watch an episode on riding out of the saddle.  I learned that riding out of the saddle was not just for making it up a steep hill, but it was a great way to get your blood circulating.  Down here in SW Georgia is is really flat.  It is not like Oregon where I lived for 20 years.  you could not ride anywhere in Portland without riding over a steep hill.  So down here I have started to drop into a low gear and stand up and cycle up any incline.  This method of training on my bike commute is helping me rest my butt and also helping me develop the skills for sprinting when i ride with the PCP race team.  

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, am I that fast?  no I am not that fast, yet, so this is why I am training to ride fast up hills. I am tired of getting dropped when there is a hill on the winter training rides that I do with the PCP Race team.  So I have a bike now that allows me to change the way that I ride.  The seat is feeling better every mile that I ride.  I am getting out of the saddle and riding on my hoods with more control when I am sprinting.  i can ride in the drops with ease for long distances.

Having a bike that really fits is the key to being comfortable as you ride.

Photos of my bike.

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