Winter Training Series #8 1/24/15

Today’s ride was a learning experience as usual. Velominati Rule Rule #5// Harden The Fuck Up. With 15 to 25 mile an hour winds from the NW it was a tough ride for me keeping up with the race team.

The route stated out going north and then turned directly into the wind.  Today I lasted about 30 miles before I was really wiped out.  Well not really wiped out, just wiped out enough to know that if I was going to ride anymore miles I was going to have to slow down.

Michele Moulton and her husband Kent Wheeler of course would have none of this nonsense from me.  The team waited for me just before Bronwood and a course change was made to abort the 100 mile ride and just head towards Dawson.  I made it to Dawson well behind the group and met them at the store where they were refueling.  I did the same.

With the tailwind the group headed out from Dawson on HYW 32 and I decided that I was going to just go full out again until I ran out of steam.  Now that I look at my Garmin results I am not surprised that the group was pushing into the mid 20’s MPH.  I faded just before the Lee County line.  I needed to just roll back into Albany at my own pace.

The way I look at it I am enrolled in the School of Cycling.  I am learning how to breath even though my muscles where telling me to slow down thanks to Kent’s coaching.  Today was a difficult ride, but I never like doing things that are easy.  It is good to ride with a group that demonstrates how to ride.  There is nothing like having examples to follow when you are learning how to do something.

So after I slowed down I decided to take a few pictures.

No corn yet.  HWY 32 between Dawson and Palmrya Road.

The pictures below were taken at Palmyra road and Oak Ridge Road intersection.  This oak tree is wider at the trunk than my bike.

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