Long distance Cycling Is Just Puzzle

I read this article posted in my Google+ Long distance Cycling Community.  

Touching the Void: Glimpsing the Mind of a Serial Cyclist

I totally agree with the concept that long distance cycling is a puzzle solving event.  I did the same puzzle solving when I was training for my first 100k trail run.

This article helps me as I think about my longest ride that I have ever done which was 145 miles.  I did it last year on 3/14/2014.  I rode from my house to the Gulf of New Mexico.  My Garmin’s battery died, my phone battery died and my light battery died.  I could have gone another 50 miles as I was not tired, but my equipment ran out of juice.

My longest ride on this bike was 145 miles

I did not plan on getting hit by a car three days later. I am planning another ride to the coast.  I have revised some of my equipment.  I have lights that will always burn as long as I can peddle.  I have two spare batteries for  my phone.  I can charge my Garmin and phone during the day using my dynamo.  I also have a bike that can do more miles than I can at the moment.

I love just riding point to point. On my last trip it was hard for my wife to find where I was when I got to the coast.  Now I have a standing rule that I will ride to a hotel where we have a reservation and she will always know where to meet me.

I also like riding and supporting myself so there is  more puzzle solving.  I will complete my first double century in 2015.  looking to ride from my house in Albany, GA to Panama City, FL soon.

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