2015 Winter Training Series Finale

Anyone who has played sports and has had a good coach knows that you have a love hate relationship with training.   The 2015 Winter Training Series was one of best times on a bike for me.  At times I really loved it and at times I really hated it.  One thing for sure, I am a stronger rider because I decided to “Ride Like I Mean It”.

As Kent Wheeler yelled out to me today as I was dropping of the lead “Oh I am not a sprinter, I can not pull into the wind”.  He was giving me sarcastic encouragement.  When I was in college I had an art professor in a studio painting class who would intentionally mess up my paintings.  He would only do this to my paintings.  At first I thought he did not like me, but later he told me that he was making me a better painter because he wanted me to be able to fix mistakes and know how to mix colors.  Kent’s comments made me push beyond my comfort zone and go all out in all of the sprints and attack zones.  One thing for sure, you have no time to think about how tired you are when you are going full out trying to catch up with the race team as they leave you in the dust.

I have to also give credit to my Seven cycles 622 SLX.  When I ride my bike as a commuter I ride about 15 to 16 MPH average.  Today I rode 66 miles and average 19 MPH.  My bike likes to go fast.  When I ride my bike slow it hurts by butt.  When I ride my bike fast, no saddle sores. I am sure that my bike is encouraging me to pick up the pace by using my saddle to gently encourage me.

Anyway I had fun today as usual.  riding out in the daylight is always a treat.

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