Winter Ride Home

Seven Cycles 622 SLX leaning on a street sign pole
 at the corner of Lily Pond Road and Denson Road.

I wanted to take advantage of the day light as I rode home this evening.  The wind was blowing 13-15 MPH from the NW, so I knew I was not going to have a speedy ride home.  I decided to just enjoy the ride and take some pictures.

I have become a more relaxed cyclist post accident.  I use to get so frustrated when I could not ride at least 50 miles a day.  I would beat myself up if I was riding slower than 17 MPH.  Now I just really enjoy the ride no matter what.  It takes a lot to really calm me down, but now I think I finally get it, cycling is for relaxing.  You may think that I was already aware of this fact since I have been riding all of my life, but sometimes it takes a life changing event to make you realize reality.

I am glad I do not have deep dish rims.  The wind was blowing so hard my front tire took a little more effort to keep on course than I am use to.  This is the first strong cross wind that I have ridden in by myself.  The rims on this bike have a little higher profile than my old bike.  The carbon fiber fork is a lot wider than my steel fork on my old bike.  Not a big deal as this bike rides way better than my old bike.

Looking down Denson Road.
Lonnie Wormley in Yellow Bicycle Commuter Cabal Jersey

I have these glasses that I really love.  I got them at an REI sale last year.  I normally do not like full framed cycling glasses, but these are OK.  The best feature is that they have photo chromatic lenses. The glasses are made by Tifosi.  These glasses are what make my bike commute easy. I am always riding when the light is changing from dark to light or light to dark.  Having to changes lenses or ride with sunglasses in the dark is a problem.  I enjoy riding during the transitions of light so these glasses make it so easy.

Tonight I had the opportunity to have company on my commute home.  I ran into my neighbor Alan Bitterman as I turned from Leary Road onto 8 Mile Road.  We had a nice chat and ride home together.

My wind gauge on Old Pretoria Road

Holly Hill Plantation

Holly Hill Plantation

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