Sidi Carbon Cycling Shoes

It takes a lot for me to replace equipment.  I generally try to buy the best, but I will use it until it is worn out.  Sometimes this is not a good thing to do as you may damage yourself or other equipment that interfaces with the equipment that is worn out.

My old pair of Sidi shoes are about 11 years old.  They have served me well on hot and wet rides.  I did not realize how soft and worn out they had become until this morning when I  rode my bike to work wearing the new carbon fiber bottom Sidis.  Wow, what a difference in how much power transfers to the pedal.  My old shoes were made of plastic so they were not as stiff as the new shoes even when they were new.

The ratchet mechanism has changed a bit on the new Sidis.  Instead of pushing down on the red clip to take them off you pull up on it.  The ratchets seem to work better and quicker than the old system.

This documents my first ride at 1,481 miles for the year. Wonder how many miles I will put on these shoes before I retire them.

I got a request to post the model of the shoe.  From the tag on the box it reads Genius Fit NS BLK.

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