Eight Mile Road Full Moon

Flint River flowing higher than usual.

Yesterday on my ride home I had the pleasure of riding five miles before remembering that I had forgotten an appointment.  Saturday is the day of the marathon in Albany, GA.  I am going to be a race Marshall like last year.  I needed to pick up my volunteer packet back in downtown Albany.  So I turned around and road back into town.  When I got to the Bridge House on the Flint river the building was shut tight.  I was confused so I called my neighbor, Rachelle Bitterman, who works for the Albany Chamber of commerce to asked her what was going on.  She told me that the volunteer pickup was the next day, Thursday.  I got back on my bike and started home with the happy notion that I will add 10 miles to my commute.

While I cannot post pictures of 4 inches of fresh snow like by fellow bike commuter +Kent Fackenthall I can post pictures of the Flint River.  Yesterday at the start of my ride home the temperature was 74F 23C.  This was the first bike commute of the year where I had bare arms. legs and fingers.  It may be too soon to call this the first sign that spring is here to stay, but I will take it.

As I rode home and it got darker the full realization of the warm weather started to take it toll.  There were lots of bugs hitting my helmet, face and the inside of my mount as I rode.  One nice thing about riding when it is cold, no bugs or mosquitoes to deal with.  As I rode through the transition from day to night I saw the usual grazing deer by the road and in the cotton fields which are covered in grass.

Full moon on Eight Mile Road next to Graham Angus Cattle Farm

What I had not noticed until I turned on Eight mile Road and headed north was that thee was a full moon looking over my shoulder.  I love riding down dark country roads with a full moon.  tonight was especially cool in that there were a lot of fluffy clouds in the sky and the moon seemed to be playing hid and seek with them.  I was riding fast (for me) as I sometimes do on this road so that I can get stronger.  Eight mile Road going north has several little inclines that I like to ride as hard as I can.  As I was looking at the moon and riding fast, I had to slap myself and say  stop it dude, take a picture.  what is the point of being outside with this beautiful moon if you do not share it with your online friends.

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