Early Spring Ride Home

I am always excited when the days get longer.  When daylight savings starts I know it is the time to start riding my longer routes when I bike commute.  Yesterday evening I took my route on Mud Creek Road.  Taking this route adds about seven miles to my ride home.

I stopped to take a phone call from my wife because my Garmin tracking had stopped and she was wondering what happened.  After I restarted it I decided to take some pictures of Leary Road.  Normally I do not stop on this road to take pictures.  I am going to be taking more pictures of my world in the future.  One of the main reasons that I ride my bike is to enjoy being outdoors.  When I stop to take pictures, I take time to enjoy the moment of not moving and I actually notice how beautiful the world is.

Truck traffic on Leary Road.  Milo Pecan orchard in the background.  Testing the stopping power of the camera in this Samsung Note 3

This is what I call a double stacker.  Two trucks back to back so I get twice the wind thrown at me.

Art shot of the Milo Pecan orchard. I love Leary Road for the nice “bike lane”.
Right before I get to Mud Creek there is a hill with an old tree farm fire lookout tower.  Makes me feel like I am back in Oregon for a minute

Really having fun now.  Lots of “plantations” down here where you can hunt quail.

On my way down Gillionville I ran into the PCP race team.  They wee coming out from Tallahassee Road.  They were kind enough to give me a two mile head start before they over took me.  I tried to keep up with them, but I was hauling ten pounds of commuter stuff in my bag.  At least that is my excuse.

The PCP team sure looked graceful as they pulled away.  They looked like a flock of geese as the peloton was in an echelon formation the take advantage of the slight cross wind.

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