One Year Ago Today… I will never forget.


One year ago on March 17, 2014 I was riding my bike to work and I did not make it because I was struck from the rear by a Honda Pilot.  Today I rode my bike to work and I was so happy that I am doing what I love.

Last year I was inspired by the Bicycle Commuter Cabal (BCC) to wear green so I took a picture of me wearing my favorite jersey, featuring the BCC logo a Zombie Raccoon.  That was the last time that I wore that jersey. It was cut off of me at the scene of accident.

My current Zombie Raccoon jersey was a present from the Bicycle Commuter Cabal.  I had ordered a new jersey during the 2014 spring store order. I did not want to open my package when it arrived until I was bike commuting again.  When I did  open it in December 2014 in addition to the new jersey that I had ordered I found a replacement Zombie Raccoon jersey.  That is what I wore to work this morning. I was really moved to get another one from the BCC.

I wanted to write about a few of the things that I learned from being hit by a car and surviving to ride another day.

  1. The love and support of my wife.  Sylvia really knows that I love cycling and she supports my desire to get out on the road.
  2. Make sure you have good medical insurance.  My medical bills topped $290,000.
  3. Go to the best hospital in your area for treatment.  Get a second opinion on every procedure.
  4. Make sure your car insurance is stacked. I am supplying a link to an explanation, no endorsement to eSurance for the definition.  Bottom line is if you get money from your insurance company you will get it for each car on your policy.
  5. Hire a good attorney.  I would not have gotten any money to pay for my replacement bike and other expenses if I did not have a good attorney.
  6. All the flashing lights and reflective material will not protect you from a motorist who is not watching the road.
  7. Wear RoadID
  8. Have your phone set up with emergency dialing for folks that will answer in case of emergency.
  9. Take the time to heal, then get back on the bike and ride.
  10. Enjoy the ride, it is all about the bike.
I want to thank all of my virtual friends in the Bicycle Commuter Cabal for keeping me inspired during the 8 months that I was not riding my bike when ever I wanted to.  Now that I am back to a routine of riding to work I can really appreciate what I was missing. I will never take for granted what it takes to ride a bike to work.  Health is everything so I am glad that I am fit internally and externally so that I can ride as much as I feel like it.
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