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See the Texas Long horn?

The weather was so nice yesterday that I could not pass up the chance to capture all of the colors that I was seeing from my bike.  I like taking pictures when there are large clouds in the sky.  The even lighting that the clouds produce are what I like to capture in landscape photography.  When the sun peeked through the clouds the long warm rays painted a golden wash over the fields where the cattle were grazing. I ride on Eight Mile Road a lot and it is always an adventure in lighting and seasonal changes that make my bike commute so interesting.

The weather was near perfect this week for cycling.  the mornings are just cool enough to want to have arm warmers on but not cold enough to ride bare legged.  In the evenings it is warm, but not sticky hot.  Yesterday I decided to go to video mode on my phone and give you city folks a gander at my bike commute.

Sometimes I forget what it is like to have cross traffic.  I only have two stop lights on my commute where I actually have to wait a minute or more to get across.  most of my ride is on straight roads with little cross traffic and light traffic in the directions I am going.

Here are the videos.  not the best quality, but I am saving up for a better mobile video device.

This morning I took a video of Eight mile road in the dark.  I love riding at night.  This video does not capture how well my light works, but it does show how dark it is on eight Mile Road.  cycling in the city when street lights is fun, but riding down a country road when the only light is the one on your bike is a blast.  It took me a few months back in 2013 to get enough nerve to ride on back roads by myself in the dark, but now i can not live without it.

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