Wednesday Evening Loop Ride in the Country

Riding down Mud Creek Road this evening was a joy.  One of the highlights of this road is the Beggars Bush property.  There are usually some nice horses in the pasture, but when I see them I rarely take time to stop and take a picture.  This evening I did stop to get a shot of the main entrance to the property.
For you Rolling Stones fans this property always reminds me of my favorite Stones album, Beggars Banquet.  I would love to have a cycling event where we ride to this property and have a picnic in the pasture.  I would call it The Beggars Banquet.
Beggars Bush on Mud Creek

Beggars Bush Main road

Te Seven at Beggars Bush
On a technical note I was testing my USB charging interface on my Garmin GPS tracker. I rode for 90 minutes and the Garmin stayed charged at 100%.  This confirms that I can ride all day and not use the internal battery on the Garmin.  At night I will disconnect the USB interface and run my light and let the Garmin use it’s battery.
Here is a close up of my USB cable wrapped around the stem.
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