Wednesday Evening Ride

My bike in it’s parking lot, a network closet where I work.

Tonight I had near perfect weather on my ride home this evening.  I was happy to discover that there was no rain predicted in the forecast so I decided to take Mud Creek ride home.  I love overcast skis because there are no hard shadows in the landscape so photographs have amazing color saturation. The air temperature was between 72 and 66 degrees with a slight cross wind that took some of the humidity away from my skin.

I started my evening ride by practicing my cycle photography skills. The only thing wrong with this shot is that I do not have the rear derailleur in the small cog. Crank arm is aligned with the seat tube.  Valve stems are behind the frame.

Bare Legs in the Spring

I bought some light weight shoe covers last December.  I wanted the covers to keep the dirt off my shoes when riding in the rain.  I had struggled putting them on and thought I had made a bad purchase.  I was putting the covers on with the zipper on the outside of my foot.  today for some unknown reason I switched and put them on with the zipper on the inside.  They were much easier to get on.  Anyway in the photo you can see that I have them on.

When I ride in warm rain I do not care about getting wet.  Rain soaks into my socks and wicks into my shoes, but I do not car at this time of the year because my feet will not get cold.  These light weight shoe covers are used to keep my shoes clean not to keep my feet dry or warm.

There is a spot on Lily Pond Road that has a wet lands area on both sides of the road.  During the spring here in SW Georgia large “ponds” are getting covered with lilies.  I am not sure why the road is called Lily Pond, but this may be the reason.

Lilies in this pond are starting to bloom.
I am playing around with the camera on my Note 3. I did not capture the beautiful gray clouds against the green.

Mud Creek Swamp

On Mud Creek has a swamp close to the Leary Road.  Later in the year I have to ride really fast over this bridge because there are lots of mosquitoes hanging around.  Today with the cooler weather and the heavy rain this afternoon there were no bugs anywhere.  I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Again, I am fiddling with the settings on my Note 3 camera.

This is a view north on Mud Creek.  There are pecan trees to the left.  I will show more on another day.

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