622 SXL Road Transform to Cycle Cross

Seven Cycles 622 SLX Disc with WHITE WALL Cyclecross tires.

I am going to ride the Dirt(y) Pecan 150 tomorrow. One of the major equipment changes that I had to do before the ride was to change my tires. The ride tomorrow is going to be mostly on dirt roads. One of the main design decisions that I made in selecting this bike was that I could ride dirt roads or do cycle cross trails.  I have not put tires on a bike with white walls in a long time.

I purchased some tires from Cycle World and I tested them this morning on Doublegate Country Club, the private golf course near my house. I have run and taken my mountian bike on the course by poaching it during the early morning or late at night under the cover of darkness many times.  This morning was the first time I rode the 622 SLX with the cycle cross tires. What a difference riding a bike off road without any shocks.  My Canondale Jekyel is full suspension so I am use to hitting any bump, rock or tree root and not feeling a thing.

I rode about five miles on wet soggy grass and hard packed dirt covered with pine tree roots and pine cones.  It was quite a workout for only riding one hour.  The tires did quite well, even on some steep climbs my rear tire did not slip on the wet soggy grass. I always stay off of the greens and ride on the edge of the fairways.

Doublegate Country Club

The tires are Termin-8er 700 x32C. The inner tubes are Sunlite 700×28-35.  The tires have a maximum tire pressure of 85 PSI and I was running them at 70 PSI. I wish I had a rear fram rack because my seat post rack moves around on bumpy terrain. I am close to making a decision on the Axiom Streamliner Disc DLX. The 150 mile ride tomorrow is self supported so I want to take all of my “stuff” as this is not going to be a fast ride (for me) and more of a country back road tour.

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