Red Dirt Muddy Road

Tonight I wanted to ride down a dirt road that I have been curios about for three years. So I headed down my usual route down Leary Road and then Mud Creek Road.  On the way to the dirt road I saw two wild turkeys in a large field.  I have seen turkeys in ths area before, but not in bright sunlight.  another reason to have a helmet camera.

I did stop to take a picture of the Ducker Plantation Pecan Orchard.

Once again the golden light of the late afternoon sun has cast a magical light on the newly sprouted pecan leaves.  I like the way the green plays off of the dark tree branches.

Walker Decker Station Road

I think there is an old brick building that use to be a railroad station at the intersection of Mud Creek and Walter Decker Station. Below are images of the dirt road ride.  The $26 bike cycle cross tires did a fine job on the road.  there were some fresh truck tire marks on the road.  The driver made a mess of the road in some of the wettest spots by spinning the tires and making large ruts.  these were where I had the most thrills as I had to use some skill to pedal through them without getting stuck or putting my foot down in a big mud puddle.

Here is a short video to help you get a feel of how quite and peaceful this little railroad bridge location is.

I will ride this dirt road and many more in the future.  riding on country paved roads is a treat, riding on a country dirt road is a blast.

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