Lunchtime ride

Bike on a pole overlooking the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce building.

It is not too often that I have made planned to ride my bike to lunch.  I have walked downtown to lunch a few times in the past.  I started eating in the cafeteria this school semester to make bike commuting easier.  No eating breakfast at home and trying to get a ride to a fast food joint with friends this time around.  During this time of year on campus the cafeteria is closed because there are no students on campus, so it is a good time to ride downtown and eat at a local restaurant.

Today I rode my bike to Our Daily Bread and had the three scoop salad. After lunch I decided to ride north and check out the train museum and that is when i found the treat for the day, an old train and an active train.

Old steam train waiting for a restoration

Bike on a fence with caboose in the frame.

I rode up a few blocks and turned left down a dirt road that leads to the river Walk trail.  Not bad for a lunch loop, a little street, some dirt and some paved trail riding all close to work.

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