Corn Field Rainbow

Yesterday on my ride home I decided to follow a route in Lee County that I rode recently on the previous Thursday evening club ride. the road passed by some beautiful corn fields that called to me to stop and take pictures, but alas I was riding with a group so I did not stop. On my Friday evening commute home I decided to take this route and I was rewarded with some beautiful rainbow images. It was hot so I stuck around and rode through the water when it hit the road.

Corn field rainbow on Palmyra Road
Corn field rainbow on Palmyra Road
Irrigation water hitting Palmyra Road
Corn field rainbow on Palmyra Road

I spend a lot of time in the saddle during the weekly commute to and from work.  On an average day I ride 50 miles which consumes about four hours.  Sometimes riding my bike can start to turn into a grind of just getting from point A to point B and I sort of forget to enjoy the scenery as I pass it by.  My ride yesterday was refreshing and reminded me of why I choose to spend time on my bike.  I ride not to see how fast I am going nor to just use it as a cheap form of transportation.  I ride so that I can experience the outdoors whether it is man made or natural.   Being outside on the road listening to the sound of my bike with the song birds and wind blowing past my big ears is peaceful.

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