Tri State 100

 This 101 mile ride has been on my list for a few years.  Anytime that I can ride across a state line I get so excited. I was riding with my good friends Richard and Sharon Thompson.  I rarely have pictures taken of me during a ride, but Richard took this picture of me standing next to a large oak tree.  Oak trees this large are common in this part of the country.  I sometimes try to imagine what was going on in the area 100 years ago when a tree was a sapling.

Left to right – Lonnie Wormley, Seven 622 SLX and Big Oak Tree

After 20 miles stopping at the first rest stop
Left to right, Lonnie Wormley, Richard Thomas and Sharon Thompson

Great Southern Highway 370 in Georgia just south of Columbia, Alabama
Riding a bike in the south is a real treat for me.  This is a typical county road in the deep south.  At times on this ride Richard, Sharon and I were riding three across taking the whole lane talking up a storm.
Richard and Sharon Thompson

 I am a sucker for watching out for tractors on my bicycle rides thought the country.  I saw this tractor getting seed loaded into it.  I had never watch this process before.  I stopped to return to take a picture, but the tractor had already finished and was out in the field.  As I was taking a picture of the tractor I saw Richard and Sharon so I switched to video and caught them rounding the corner.

Tractor spreading seeds

The end of this ride was problematic for me.  I have been experimenting with tablet based electrolytes in my water.  I normally put two scoops of Hammer Heed when I start a ride and after 3 hours I switch to  or Hammer Perpetuem.  The last ride that I did and this ride I used Nuun Energy tablets and Hammer Fizz adding one tablet per bottle.

At about mile 80 my legs started cramping right when the hills were before me. Fortunately I knew that if I kept pedaling slowly that I would make it to the finish and not seize up completely. The air temperature on the asphalt was moving between 100 and 103 degrees.  I was sweating so much in the humidity that my arms just below my jersey sleeves were covered in white salt.

Understanding how to keep my biology working helps me achieve my goals.  I was not tired, but I did understand that my muscles were not receiving the nutrients.  As the last meager hill approached 2 miles form the finish I looked down at my compact crank and wished it was a triple.  My pride did no to let me drop down into my small front chain ring, but I did slow my speed and did not apply any pressure on my pedals to make it to the top.

So what have I learned about the tablets?  Well for one thing if I do use tablets again I will add two tablets per bottle.  My wife +Sylvia Wormley told me that the magnesium chloride that is used in these products can not be absorbed into my body. I take magnesium malate every evening and I am considering taking it with me on my next ride.  I like using the tablets because they are easy to use instead of carrying plastic bags of powder. I will use them on my next ride, but I will double the amount of tablets that I add to my water bottles.

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