It is the difference between night and day

On my morning commute I really struggled to ride to work.  I only got four and a half hours of sleep.  My wife and I stayed up late to finish off the last three episodes of Drop Dead Diva.  At one point on my journey to work I wanted to stop my bike and take a nap.  I was dreading the ride back home after a day staring at a computer screen.

To my surprise I had a wonderful ride home.  The ride home started out with a few sprinkles of warm steamy rain.  When it is 80 degrees and rain hits the asphalt down here in the south it will turn to steam as it evaporates off of the pavement.  It will have to rain for more than a few minutes before the pavement will cool off long enough for the air temperature to cool my skin.

I started off at a slow pace into a southern head wind and just wanted to get the commute over with.  Then at about 5 miles into the ride home I started feeling better and I picked up my pace.  By the time I got to Mud Creek I was feeling very powerful and I rode faster than normal up to Gillionville.

I am not sure why I picked up my pace.  Sometimes when I think that my legs have a mind of their own. I rode the same route home and I did it 14 minutes faster than in the morning.

So my parting thoughts are:

  1. I am going to get more sleep
  2. I may need to go back to eating breakfast or some food before my commute and not wait until I get to work to eat.
  3. I doubled the tablets in my water when I re-filled at the church.
  4. My method of drinking one water bottle for every 25 miles needs revision and I will drink 1 bottle for every 15 miles when it is above 80 degrees.
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