Leary Loop The Long Way Home

Last night I decided to take the long way home. My wife Sylvia was going to spend the evening playing mahjong with her friends. I decided that I would just take my time and ride out to the town of Leary.
This is the first time that I have taken the Leary Loop home on a bike commute since my accident. I remembered why I started riding this loop, because I was bored with riding my other routes. The Leary Loop also is mostly shaded in the early evening by tall trees. Temperatures drop at least 5 degrees in the shade.
I made good use of free water at churches along the route. I drank a lot of water with electrolytes.
I spotted a flock of Canadian Geese by a pond at the intersection of GA HWY 55 and Gillonville  Road. I also took photos of my bike next to some of my favorite signs along the way home.

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