Finally a spin class that I like

Sol Republic speaker

I won a Solo Republic Punk Bluetooth speaker last month at a information security conference raffle. I had not figured out where to use it until Sharon Thompson showed up at the monthly Slow Poke Ride with one on her bike. Well after listening to music during the ride, I decided to order a clamp and put mine on my bike for the next Slow Poke ride.

Well today I decided to ride to work and test the speaker out.  I love listening to nature when I ride, but there is just so much of birds, frogs and insects that I can take, so today I hit the play button.  I liked the fact that I could still hear cars and other noise around me and still hear the music.  It takes a lot to turn my brain off so that I can really enjoy just being in the present, and today the music provided just the right amount of distraction to keep my pace up and moving down the road.

Arkon camera mount with easy on and off strap

I may move the speaker to my top tube for the ride home.

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