Day off morning ride

I decided to get up at my normal time on this Independence Day holiday and ride a new loop.  I planned a route that would go through three towns north of Albany.  I rode through Sasser, Bronwood and Leesburg.

I started the day with my long distance pre-ride cocktail of two scoops of Spiz in filtered water and 1 tablespoon of MCT oil.

My morning cocktail for long distance riding.
I finished the ride by stopping at Pearly’s for breakfast before riding the final 6 miles home.
Just north of Sasser on GA HWY 32 is an old radio station and tower.
Bronwood, GA home of Cole Swindell
Classic old southern home
Bronwood, GA City Hall
Betty Wise Road south of Bronwood.
I am paying homage to  and his gravel road pictures.
This is my paved county road picture.
Some good old 1989 architecture, Leesburg City Hall
I have seen crop dusters before, but I never had a chance to record one with my phone.
I bet this pilot will not shut off his one good engine until he is on the ground.
I could see the pilot’s eyes as he flew past me.  I wonder if that is organic cotton?
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