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Today on my way home I had so much fun surfing the wind.  First let me explain.  For those of you who surf or sail you will get what I am about to describe.  I use to surf and sail and this is what I have experienced doing both activities.

Most of the excitement that I have had surfing, sailing and now cycling has been at the edge of bad weather.  You know what I mean, not really nasty fowl weather, just slightly bad weather.  Today I had the experience that I use to have when I would paddle out on my belly board into surf that I knew had the possibility of hurting me, but I paddled out anyway.  I remember looking at sets of waves coming in and the butterflies in my stomach seemed to want to come out of my ears.  Catching a wave and just getting on it before it broke on me and threw me into a salt water washing machine was always a thrill.

Weather radar at 6:45 PM

If you look at the video that I took on this evening’s commute home you will see a similar phoneme with the weather.  I like to ride when it is getting ready to be stormy.  The temperature dropped 20 degrees from the time I left work until I arrived home from 92 degrees to 70 degrees.

The storm has to be just right for me to set up a tail wind so that I am on a road that is going to get me home.  Sometimes I work it out and sometimes I do not.  I like to try to figure out how to work the headwinds and the tail winds and still stay out of the really bad lightning and horizontal arm stinging rain.  Today was a day when I decided to forgo my usual route down Leary Road as I saw the thunder cell stacking up right over it.  As I turned on one of my short detours to home on Old Pretoria Road where I took the video I had the sense that the storm with the winds was like a big wave that I was getting ready to ride to my house.  This is why I call myself Cycle Thunder, because no matter how tired I am if there is a thunder storm chasing me I find the energy to haul myself home and try to out run the storm. I was easily cruising above 20 MPH as the humidity gave way to the ever cooling drop in the temperature as the rain just started to fall around me.

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