Thursday Morning 50 Mile Commute

Well I said that I would not get fanatical and start getting up at 4 AM to ride my bike.  The enjoyment that I get riding my bike in the cool dark mornings has too much of a draw on me to resist, so I am once again riding my bike to Leary in the morning.

Today is the second time this week I have chosen to ride my bike out to the town of Leary and complete a 52 mile loop to work.  The early morning repetition of cycling always calms me and watching the sun rise is a daily treat.

Morning sun colored clouds peaking through 100 foot trees
Leary Road on the Kiokee Creek Bridge.
Road sign is reflecting from my head light

My route and picture location.
This short video will give you an idea about what the road looks like right before sunrise.

My Ride Statistics

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