Burley Sound Trailer Part 02

I finished version 1.0 of the Burley Sound Trailer Part.  Refer to Burley Sound Trailer Part 01 for details on how I started.

Below are pictures that show my build today.

Original tires are flat worn out.  I will replace soon.

My power supply.
The battery box.

EMT clamps to attach wood to trailer frame.

Inverter that I already had.

EMT Clamp holding plywood bast to frame.  Cut up inner tubes take up the slack.

Speakers mounted on1 x 4.

Detail of speaker mounting.
etail of speaker mounting.

Sub woofer mounted.  Battery tie down in place.

DIY batter cables for attachment to inverter.

Inner tube attached to positive cable to prevent accidental short.
Batter installed in box

Inverter mounted.  Speaker controller mounted,

Bike side, front view

Rear view

First version of lights.

My battery charger.  I already had this from when I used it on my travel trailer.

Here is how it sounds.

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