Fog Line In The Dark

I woke up this morning at 3:10 AM. My alarm was set for one hour earlier than normal, 3:45 AM.  I sometimes get excited when I plan to ride a longer than usual bike commute to work.  My normal commute is 25 miles, but today I rode about 53 miles.  I rode from my house to Leary, GA in Calhoun county and then hit Pearly’s Restaurant for breakfast before heading 3 miles to the ASU campus.

One of the intoxicating things about riding at night is the focus that I have on the objects that are lit up by my headlight.  I love to see the black pavement with a white fog line on the right or me and a swash or green grass or brush next to the asphalt.

As I ride in the dark I see the sweat reflecting on my arms that are silhouettes against my head light.  I am so happy to be able to use my power and a mechanical device, my bicycle, to transport me through the darkness along quite country roads.  Occasionally a car or a large semi tractor trailer truck will pass me from behind or in front.  Each time a motor vehicle passes me from behind I think about my accident on March 17, 2014.  I realize that there is a possibility that I may get hit again, but that does not stop me from riding my bike.  The joy and the peace of mind that I get when I am racing through the darkness on my bike are worth the risk.
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