Fall is at my doorstep

I knew it was fall when I stepped out this morning at 5:12 AM and my arms and legs shivered.  For about a minute I contemplated going back into the house and getting my arm warmers.  I decided to proceed with the morning commute without them.  I decided to ride to the last street where I could easily return to the house without too much back tracking and see if I really needed the arm warmers.
Usually it takes about 20 minutes for my body to get warmed up and ready to feel like riding in the morning. This is about five miles from home.  I decided to stop at the intersection of Eight Mile road and Leary Road, Pretoria on the map, and take a picture of the temperature for the record.  I was surprised to see that it was below 50 degrees.  Anyway I completed the commute in comfort, but if it gets any colder I will want my arm warmers and maybe long fingered gloves.

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