Another Fine Mess

For over a week I have not ridden my bike to work.  I have had a few physical issues with my leg and back plus some mechanical issues with my bike pedals that have prevented me from partaking in my daily commute.

Lifting and twisting during the Nut Roll on September 12 started my wobbly knee problems.  My left knee is an existing injury that I got playing basketball when I was in my 40’s.  Every now and then it sort of goes wacky and slips around.  I decided to give it a rest for a few days.  Then on the next weekend, September 19, I was doing yard work and work myself out lifting my ladder to clean leaves off of the roof.

I purchased new pedals and cleats three weeks ago and finally decided to install them this past Sunday.  I had never installed the Speedplay Zeros before, but I wanted to try it.  I installed them and went out for a test ride and I could not get them to clip in.  I was so mad that I decided to take my bike into the bike shop and have them fix it.  So I missed riding my bike on Monday.

My first install, cleats are on the wrong shoe

I was embarrassed when the guys in the bike hop told me that I had the cleats on the wrong shoe.  they laughed and told me that they have made the same mistake when they have customers come into the shop ad 5 PM and have a ride at 6 PM and want their cleats installed right now.  I corrected my mistake and I took my first bike ride over a mile this evening.

Cleats installed correctly

I cleaned my bike this weekend for the first time in two months.  I was having problems with my front derailleur.  Well no surprise that getting a ton of gunk off of it and it works great.

I fixed the covering on my Selle SMP Pro saddle.  for the second time it started to come off.  not sure if it was defective or I just wore it out.  The bike shop where I purchased it glued it back in March of this year.  I decided to glues it again with Super Glue.  I also put a piece of CAT6 Ethernet cable to ensure that the cover will not detach from the saddle frame again.

Cover is detaching from frame

Cover is detaching from frame

Cover is detaching from frame
Final glue placed on top of cable

Looks like this will last

I missed riding my bike to work.  It seems that this month will have one of my lowest mileage reports since winter.  I always like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after wading through turmoil that I seem to create.

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