National Bike Challenge 2015

My second National Bike Challenge (NBC) is in the books so to speak.  Just like my first NBC, I had a blast, but I faced some physical challenges during the event.  This year I had a sever callous on my left toe that affected my position on my bike.  Eventually I resolved the issue.  Then during the last month of September i injured my left knee doing some chores and I had to miss a week of cycling.

Anyway I rode more miles than I did in 2013 which was my last time that I was actively in the NBC.  In 2014 I only rode the first three months due to my being hit by a car in March. I have some screen shots of the web site showing my statics below.  I rode 5,674 miles in 126 out of 152 days of the challenge.  The NBC ran from May 1, through September 30.

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