8 Mile Road Speed Deamons

My October 21st evening commute started as a slow relaxing ride b home. I was enjoying the evening sunlight listening to music on my Bluetooth speaker.  I stopped at the intersection of 8 Mile Road and Leary Road to test my skills at bike photography. I got my bike positioned. A guy in a truck stopped to make sure I did not need a ride. Every time I stop at this intersection, Peoria Station, I meet the nicest motorist. So I took the picture.
Just as I was putting my phone away two cyclist on the PCP Race Team rounded the corner yelling my name. I knew it was the Tuesday night fast rider group. There may be others close behind. I pondered if I wanted to pick up my 14 MPH pace. As I got on my bike Chip Battle came round the corner. I started to ride.
Soon I was in a 5 (including me) person pace line at 18-21 MPH. I lasted to about 1 mile from Gillonville Road. I pulled for a short stretch. I was not tired, I just was not use to the pace. At Gillonville we regrouped and I stayed with the pack until I turned off at Weymouth to go home.
I thanked the group for the inspiring ride.
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