Legs of Summer in February?

I got a little crazy with the warm weather on my evening ride home.  For some reason my legs felt like sprinting for some short distances.  One of the things that is hard for me to deal with with southern winters is the fact that thee is no consistency in the weather.  Sometimes I wish it would stay cold for a few days and not jump around.  Today it was 45 degrees on the morning commute and 70 degrees on the evening commute.
This is the first full day of commuting with my Note 5.  My Note 5 is about 1/8 inches narrower than the state owned phone that I turned last week.  The Note 5 fits perfectly in my top tube bag.  I can get the Note 5 in the front flap without pressing the power button.
One my way home I took a picture of a typical sunset on Leary Road.
Sunset on Leary Road at the halfway point of my 25 mile commute.
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