I Got Hit By A Car AGAIN!

So I was forty minutes into my commute home enjoying a mild headwind and warm sunny weather.  I had stopped at the intersection of Old Pretoria Road and Lily Pond Road to let cars pass by before turning left.  Then a woman driving a Kia slowly came into my lane.  I yelled at her really loud to get her attention.  She did not hear me because I could see she was on her phone.  She hit me and I rolled onto her hood and then hit the pavement.  When I was on the hood of her car that is when she stopped.  
I stood up and turned my attention to my bike.  My fear was that my front wheel and carbon fork were damaged.  I spun the tire and it seemed OK.  After my tire check I turned my attention to the woman who by now was standing outside of her car apologizing for not seeing me.  For a moment she started to say that I ran into her, but I was clearly at least a foot behind the thick white line on the pavement.  Another women in a black SUV that stopped behind her backed me up and said she saw the whole incindent and that I did not run into moving traffic.
I am OK and the bike appears to be OK.  I called my wife and then I called the Dougherty County Police.  I am totally pissed off that I got hit AGAIN by a driver that was not paying attention.  My wife wants me to start riding with the group rides, which means that I will have to give up my bike commuting and early morning rides that I love.
A simple diagram of the accident.

Here is a link to the local news story on WALB 10 published on March 16th, 2016
Here is a link to the local news story on WALB 10 published on March 24th, 2016
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