Tire Wars

This morning I was forced to divert from my normal path to avoid hitting a cyclist who was riding on the wrong side of the street.  It was dark and he did not have a light and if it were not for the lone reflector on his bike.  I noticed that he was not going to pass me on the outside to my left as he was riding in the gutter.  I merged to my left and ran my back tire into a huge hole that I avoid every day.  This event would set in motion my bike repair this evening.

My failed 32 tire.

I went on the group ride tonight and I noticed a wobble and bump in my rear tire.  At the 10 mile turn around I looked at my rear tire and to my horror it had two spots near the rim that looked like the casing was going to pop out.  I figured it would last until I got home, and it did.

I decided to put the Gator Skins back on that I took off months ago because the brand new rear tire had a small chunk flap in it.  I took it of because I did not want to ride on a tire with a potential failure point.  Tonight I decided to try to fix it as suggested by some of the Bike Commuter.  I got my tube of Gorilla Gel and glued the flap to the tire.

The damage almost new Gator Skin
The repaired tire

This is what fanatics do when they must ride their bike to work.  I have been leaving my truck at work so that I can attend consolidation meetings at a sister campus five miles away.  I do not have any way to get to work tomorrow except my bike.  I have written may times about the bicycle games that I invent and play.  Leaving my truck at work instead of just driving it on the days when I have the meetings is just my way of saying nothing will stop me from riding my bike to work except me.  If I truly do not want t ride to work I will drive my truck, unless it is parked at work.

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