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Birthday Ride 2016

I really like riding south to Florida.  I also like riding point to point and having my wife +Sylvia Wormley meet me with the car so I can drive home. Five Thirty start Seven Hour Century. Beautiful butterfly food One thing that I like about my bike is that it is comfortable on long rides.  This ride…

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Sitting in a fishing port dive bar

3 PM and Happy birthday to Lonnie starts Now. I got here sooner than we expected. The last time I got here early I sat on a bus bench and got eaten up by mosquitoes. This time I decided to go to a wonderful dive bar and happy some beer and Papas. I rode my…

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Bike Commute Mud Creek Road

I am having better luck making videos with my GoPro camera.  Here is a video of my bike commute along a part of Mud Creek Road.  Mud Creek Road is one of my favorite county road bike commute routes. Well I got a title on the video this time. I really want to share the…

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