Bike Commute Mud Creek Road

I am having better luck making videos with my GoPro camera.  Here is a video of my bike commute along a part of Mud Creek Road.  Mud Creek Road is one of my favorite county road bike commute routes.

Well I got a title on the video this time. I really want to share the beauty of bike commuting near my home. Although I loved the challenges of riding in traffic, at this point in my life I hate traffic lights on a bike and in a motor vehicle. This 33 mile ride has three traffic lights on it. Two withing three miles of the start and one two miles from the finish. Sometimes I get lucky and make them all without stopping.

Clover near the intersection of Mud Creek Road and Leary Road

Pecan trees just barely showing leaf buds

A nice shaded lane to ride on when it is hot.
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