Birthday Ride 2016

I really like riding south to Florida.  I also like riding point to point and having my wife +Sylvia Wormley meet me with the car so I can drive home.
Five Thirty start Seven Hour Century.

Beautiful butterfly food
One thing that I like about my bike is that it is comfortable on long rides.  This ride I did not take a lot of extra gear.  I basically had my tire repair kit and water bottles.  I did not take a jacket and rode almost half the distance in my arm warmers.  Even thought it was raining and the temperature was in the low fifties I was pretty comfortable being wet and on my bike.  Towards the end of the ride the temperature creeped into the high sixties so I took my arm warmers off and stowed them in my jersey pockets.
My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 did great on battery life.  I had 50% at the end of the ride.  I have the FollowMee application on my phone and on +Sylvia Wormley phone so we can see where we are on a map.  Running GPS on my phone did not drain the battery.  My Garmin when to 20% about 4 miles from the finish so I plugged it into my small external USB charger.
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