The Carport Gang

The Carport Gang started in the summer of 2015. We had started doing a slow roll ride starting at the home of Richard and Sharon Thompson.  We would wind through the neighborhoods of west Albany and end up at a local  Mexican restaurant, Los Vaqueros.  On one occasion our ride was delayed by thunder showers.  Richard bought out some potato vodka and juice and made us all drinks while we waited in his garage for the lightning top pass.  This was the birth of the Carport Gang

This summer during our visit to the beach near Apalachicola Bay on St. George Island, Florida.  We arrived at the rental beach house early and well we started celebrating the evening with some spirits.

This is the Carport Gang
Left to Right: Sylvia Wormley, Alan Bitterman, Rachelle Bitterman, Regina Heape Doering, Donna Shockey Yielding,  Lonnie Wormley, Sharon Thompson, and Richard Thompson
This is the Carport Gang
Left to Right: Lonnie Wormley, Alan Bitterman, Rachelle Bitterman, Donna Shockey Yielding, Sylvia Wormley,  Sharon Thompson, Richard Thompson, Regina Heape Doering, and Bill Doreing.

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