Maiden Voyage on Trek Pure Cruiser

I rode my new Trek Pure around my neighborhood last night.  I just got home after a dinner with friends and the wife and I got on our bikes in street clothes and rode around.  It was fun to not have to spend twenty minutes getting my gear on to do a short ride.
I am surprised that Trek has phased this bike out. I could only find reference to the Pure Lowstep on their bike archive website.  I did find a review of it here on the Bootic website.
My cruiser bike with my Garmin upgrade

Saddle is really comfortable for the upright position.  The crank is way in front of seat post so this seat is perfect for those long slow rides.

This bike is begging for me to ride it in the rain.  I plan on using this bike for those short commutes to work this winter when I want to keep my Seven Cycles clean and dry. Finally I have a bike with fenders.  I will get the bike trailer hooked up on this bike for the next Flint River Roll on July 1, 2016.
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