I won my dream mountain bike in a raffel

I have been dreaming of getting a mountain bike made in this decade for some time.  My Cannondale Jekyll that I bought used from the first owner way back in the mid 1990s really showed it’s age when I went to the IMBA Southeast Mountain Bike Summit in Brayson City North Carolina.  I got to see first hand how MTB technology had changed.  I intentionally have kept my eyes off of new MTB technology because I know if I see it I will want it.

Well last week I got a call from Terry Palmeri, the Southeast Associate Regional Director of IMBA, and she told me that I had won the drawing for a Norco Torrent 7.2 bike, courtesy of Cartecay River Bicycle Shop and Norco Bicycles.  Frankly I had never heard of this company or bike, but I was excited to get a new MTB.  Once I checked out the bike online I thought that there must be some sort of mistake that I had won a bike that I had been dreaming of.

This bike is a bike that can do bike packing.  The tires are 2.9 inches wide and run on 15-35 PSI.  One of the features that is broken on my old Jekyll is the shock lockout.  Having a manual shock lockout on a bike that is easy to use is wonderful, this bike has one.

I am sure to have many happy trail rides on this bike in the future.  I am also finally really excited to attend the IMBA World summit this November in Bentonville AK with a bike that I can really test the trails with.

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