Unplanned 80 mile bicycle ride

Today I started out planning to do a short Saturday morning bike ride with the Pecan City Pedalers bike club.  It turned out to be an 80 mile ride that I rode by myself for about 55 miles.

I started out riding with the faster group of riders.  I knew that I was not in the best of shape as I have not been riding much at all lately due to work related issues.  I have been down this road before, the sling shot theory.  The sling shot theory is how I re-booted my cycling after being off the bike for five years.  I knew that today was going to be one of those rides where I would get dropped at some point out in the country.  Today I got dropped about 9 AM, one hour into the ride.  I was struggling to keep an 18 MPH pace and when the pace line when up to 20 MPH, I decided to slow down and ride slower.

So here I was out in the country heading up to a town called Smithville Georgia.  I had been there before a year ago with the PCP Race team during a ride.  On that ride we got to Smithville via Bronwood.  I was in better shape and I was able to keep up with help from the team.  Today I was riding alone and I was going to enjoy the day outside.

Leaving Lee County heading to Leslie
I made it to Leslie, GA
You can see the SAM Short line passing through Leslie.

I was surprised to find the Georgia Rural Telephone Museum.  I will have to stop back by to check it out.
I always have to take a picture of the town water tower
I crossed the new bridge on HWY 118 even though it was posted as being closed.  Gravel road for a short distance.
I got leg cramp on my left leg on my way to Bronwood.
I was not prepared for a long ride in 100 degree heat.
I drank Gatorade for the first time in 3 or 4 years.
Pipe line construction site.  Lots of trucks from Texas
I have not see so many large John Deere backhoes in a line.  The are ready to dig a hole for a pipeline.
Almost home now.  15 more likes from Sasser, Georgia to my house.
Just over a mile from my house.  Normally I never stop to document when I leave or enter Albany, Georgia, but today I did.
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