Ortlieb and Jandd Rack Live to Ride Again

My bike right after getting it from Cycle World bike shop.  I had a new taller seat post and had my rear rack mounted.

This rear Expedition Rear Rack Tall Boy – 29er by Jandd was purchased in 2002. Rated for 75 pounds

Here is my bike with the Ortliebs Back-Roller Classic. These were purchased in 2002 in Portland, OR

The well worn product label

Rear view of the bike.

Today I completed my commuter bike build.  I am not going to be doing my normal 15 mile loop through the countryside bike commute for a while.  riding my road bike for a short commute takes too much time to put on the extra gear.  This bike allows me to quickly get on it in street clothes and take a short ride to work rather slowly without breaking a sweat.

My goal has always been to keep one less car on the road.  So this bike,, while it will not be my choice for riding 50 miles, it certainly is a bike that I will use on short trips to work and to the store.  I can easily carry plenty of stuff in my bike bags without any balancing issues.  The low profile of these bags re perfect for caring large bulky items.

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