Just Being On A Bike

I have learned that true happiness does not include the phrase “in order to be”.  For me I am happiest when I am just being in the moment.  In this phase of my bicycling life I am just being on a bike.
What does it mean for me when I say I am just being on a bike?  I will list some of the reasons. I am not riding my bike “in order to be…”:
  1. …healthy.
  2. …faster and ride with the A group.
  3. …in shape for a 200 mile bike ride.
  4. …at the top of the Strava leader board.
  5. …to have a 250 mile a week average.
  6. …to ride 10,000 miles in one calendar year. 
Today I rode my bike and I was just being on my bike.  It is just a coincidence that while I was on my bike being happy I also transported myself to and from work.
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