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Titanium Hippie on a Friday Evening Ride

Lonnie is tolerating sweat and gnats in front of Beggars Bush Plantation on Mud Creek Road Once again I really wanted to get on my Seven and ride out in the country.  I drove my truck to work today because of a meeting, so I did not bike commute to work.  When I got home…

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Sunday Evening Ride

Lonnie Wormley having fun riding his bike on Mud Creek Road I had a wonderful ride through the country this evening. I am getting use to riding my road bike again, and it feels great to get our on the country roads again.  This evening there was a slight wind from the east and south…

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Bike Commute Mirror Pond

The retention pond about 1/4 mile from my office at work. Sometimes on my bicycling adventures I come upon a visual experience that I have to stop and capture. On Friday, March 31, 2017 on my way to work I ride down a gravel alley just before I reach the university campus where I work.…

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