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Pretoria Station at 8 Mile Road and Leary road

Graham Angus Farms cattle on 8 mile Road

Graham Angus Farms cattle on 8 mile Road

On Sunday May 7 I went on a late evening ride.  I knew I was going to be riding after dark and I was looking forward to it. riding in the dark on country roads was one of the fears in my life that I overcame due to my desire to bike commute.  Riding around in the city is fun at night, but going down a country road when it is pitch black is a thrill.  I have a wonderful lighting system on my bike that generates power for my head light and tail light.  I have no problem seeing when it is dark and I am visible to the full extent of the law to motorists who are not driving distracted.

My hip is getting stronger and I am really appreciating the fact that I use to ride 50 miles on a one way bike commute.  I seem to always get the wow factor after I have accomplished something amazing only when I can no longer do what I thought at the time was not enough.  I was recalling this fact when I remembered one of my favorite songs, These Are The good Old Days by Carly Simon.  It took me a while to fully understand the meaning of this song, but as I was riding my bike on Sunday I had the time to reflect on being in the moment and appreciating the beauty around me right now.  I am so glad to be able to get on a bike and ride again.

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