Sunday All Terrain Commute

Black Thumper parked in my office.
No rest for web developers when a new site has to be complete by a deadline date.  This is my seventh day in a row working long hours. I decided to forgo driving my truck to work like I did for the past two non-scheduled work days.  My commuter is in the local bike shop for repairs, so I decided to ride Black Thumper to work.  One thing I have learned through bike commuting, if you ride your bike to work you will always have time to ride your bike.  Riding my bike also is a de-stressing activity.
I took some dirt alleys and was chased by some dogs that got out of their yards.  Nothing like the thrill of racing to get away from rabies shots on a commute.  The rear trunk rides perfect on this bike.  I put my tennis shoes in it along with my trusty Thermos full of Bullet Proof Coffee.
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