Late Summer Evening Ride

Lonnie Wormley enjoying pastoral hay fields on Eight Mile Road

I have been gradually building up the muscles in my hip.  Today I could tell that they were stronger than a few weeks ago.  I measure the strength in the hip joint muscles above my right femur when I stand up and pedal up small hills.  When I tried to do this a few months ago my stronger left leg would greatly over power my crank and my right leg could not keep pace while I was standing.  I could only compensate for the week right hip by sitting when I rode on my sissy bike.  Today was the first time that I was able to maintain good balance and pedal up several hills while standing.  I am pleased with my gradual approach to rehabilitating my hip.

Pastoral hay fields on Eight Mile Road

Today was a wonder ride for a summer evening.  The wind was slight giving just enough breeze to evaporate the sweat off of my skin and keep me cool.  I love riding in the early evening as it is usually low traffic and the long rays of the sun make for beautiful scenery.  For me it does not matter if it is day or night, hot or cold riding my bike in the evening is very relaxing after sitting at a computer all day long.

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