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Albany – Sasser Rail Trail, Unpaved

Relive ‘Rail Trail Slappy to Oakland’

This Blog post is going to be quick and dirty. I am posting all of my images and videos quickly so that I can reference them as I develop a map of the area.


Today I had to get my truck radio a revisit to the installer. Since I am on vacation this week I decided to take my MTB bike to the shop and ride the trail while my truck was being repaired.

The shop is located about .25 miles south of where the rail trail crosses Slappy, across the street from Walmart Market. I started riding the section from Slappy to Ledo Road and I was greeted with ballast that was difficult to ride fast on.

On this ride I rode from Slappy to Oakridge Road and back to Ledo. I was too tired of ballast to ride from Ledo to Slappy, so I rode on Ledo to Wendy’s for lunch. After lunch I ride down Slappy back to the repair shop.

Rail Trail one mile in from Fussell Road

Rail Trail Tressel Fussell Road
Rail Trail Fussell at Mile Three
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