Armena Road Tuesday Evening Ride


I loved this Tuesday Evening ride because I was able to ride with a group of cyclists that pushed me to ride just a little bit out of my comfort zone, but not enough out of my comfort zone for me to get dropped.  This pace does not have a number for me, it is a variable and I just wanted to describe it in words so that I can remember this sensation later.  Training for anything is always a process of being comfortable and then being uncomfortable.  I do my best when I push myself from being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation and stay there until it becomes comfortable.  Sound confusing?

Today was a great ride and the start of a new stage in my recovery from breaking my hip back in October 2016.  This ride was the first time that I pushed myself all out and did not fear that my hip was going to go wonky on me.  I was able to do my favorite sprint downhill going south on Palmyra road and then blast up the other side just like Michele Moulton Kent Wheeler taught me how to ride hills.  It felt really great to be able to do that.

My recovery process with my hip has been one of letting my left hip which was really strong at the time of the accident get weaker so that I could ride a bike evenly.  Riding my cruiser bike was no problem because I did not have to stand up on hills when I rode through town.  Actually, Albany is really flat but I want to get out and ride hills so that is what is where my training focused.

So here is the problem that I needed to solve.  Last year I was out on my road bike and I thought my hips were about the same strength finally so I was riding on Leary Road and decided to ride hard and fast up the roller just east of Mud Creek.  I could still feel the wobble in my right hip as I tried to climb the hill and my left hip was still stronger and it was a struggle to keep my balance on the bike as I was climbing the hill.  I decided to back off and wait.

Well, this ride tonight was a wonderful surprise as this is the first time that I feel like both of my hips are in balance.  I know that I could have lifted weights and done other things to get back into this kind of share sooner, but I really wanted to let the healing process take time and really stick because I wanted to make sure that I could totally forget about this injury in the future.

The real treat for the ride was being on Armena road for the first time.  The road has a new surface and it is flat with low traffic.  The route from the church looping on HWY 32 to Palmyra is a nice ride.  I will do it again.

Lonnie Wormley

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