Pretoria Fields Wednesday Evening Ride


Today I started off the Wednesday evening ride with the Pecan City Pedalers group at the Christ United Methodist Church on Old Plantation Road.  Since I have not been riding so much in the past few years I have been riding at my own pace when I show up for the weekly rides.  Yesterday I rode really hard for the first time in a few months and really felt like my right titanium hip was performing normally.

As the 7 A class riders and I headed out I decided that I would try to keep pace with the group until I got to Tallahassee Road.  This is a very short version of my ride hard until you get dropped game that I play when I am on a training ride.  I knew my quads were not up to pushing it two days in a row, but I went for it.

I could hear Michele Moulton and Kent Wheeler whispering in my ear words of encouragement to keep up and watch my breathing as the group gradually increased the speed up to 20 MPH as we headed down Old Dawson Road.  Riding such a short distance at a fast pace was just enough to remind me of why I love to be on a bike out on a country road with a group of cyclists.  The peace of mind that comes with unity of mind, spirit, and body as you are riding close and fast is wonderful.

Fortunately, I knew when it was time to bail, but I continued on at my own pace and continued my training ride because I was at mile 80.  I continued on by myself and enjoyed the solitude on my bike and looped my way home.

Lonnie Wormley

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